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Eazy(♂)10 Yrs

One of the 2 kitty cats brought along from Hong Kong. About 10 yrs ago, the owner got a cash prize at corporate Christmas party, cash gone but Eazy's in. A very gentle boy.  

Skill: Giving paws





Grown up with Eazy in Hong Kong. Very quiet princess-like kitty cat, enjoys a walk in the yard. 1 year ago, Bubu is diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. We are fighting as a team!   

​Skill: Neko punch using her tail



得意: お座り&ステイ


An active and sweet tri-colour female kitty cat. Picked up by the owner in the neighbourhood of student dormitory while Mikka was about 2 months old.

Skill: Sit & stay

ぜひ、お待ちしておりにゃん~   We look forward to meowing you! 

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