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  Owner's Profile

  Phyllis YUEN

~Blood type: B, Sagittarian

~Born in a seaside town, raised in Hong Kong

~Graduated from Law School, University of Hong Kong. The same year, for the first time in her life, came to know that she has a great-grandmother who was Japanese (shocking!)

~Specialized in translation

~Career in legal & financial offices for about 15 years (Hong Kong & Okinawa)

~Loves travelling but hates taking long flights, started as a backpacker her travel experiences cover: Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Australia, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cuba and etc. 

~Having stayed in an impressive guesthouse in Kyoto, the experience inspired her and turned into a dream to run her own guesthouse someday 

~Four years ago, relocated to Okinawa with Eazy & Bubu, her 2 cats

~After graduated from Japanese Language school, she started working at a local law office, in her typical happy-go-lucky way

~In December 2018, after a total of 15 months, and thankful to great helps from so many people, Machiya Koza is made happened! ​

​~She hopes that every guest who stays in Machiya Koza will enjoy Koza city and Okinawa as much as she does. And she's looking forward to way much more unforgettable episodes in Machiya Koza! & in Okinawa! with travellers from across the world & also with local peoples. 

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